100% of Donations go to the feeding. care & wellbeing of the horses.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Corporation. All donations are tax deductible. 100% of each donation goes to the care, feeding and well being of the horses.

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Teaberry (formerly known as "Scout") has come to us with soundness issues.


MOLLY, the world's best mule, has joined us - not because she was unwanted, but because we needed her so much! She took care of special needs clients and now is retired in sanctuary. She is now the heart of Dharmahorse. >>>>>>>>

We are using many holistic therapies for Teaberry.

Wally & Penny passed over in 2016. Their deaths were by euthanasia - to relieve them from suffering. Wally had an enterolith that blocked his intestines. Penny had torn apart the tendons in her front leg and after months of therapies, we could not ask her to endure more. They are buried at Dharmahorse.

Juniper is a Draft/Mustang cross mare who came to us with a goiter - we are working to reduce it and rebuild her health. She is guarding the other horses when they are on the track system at Dharmahorse 2 - the new, second stable yard!

All of the horses in Sanctuary at Dharmahorse were unwanted - some simply could not be kept by loving owners whose lives had changed; some were on their way to slaughter... most have come here unsound, unhealthy or neglected, even starved.

All of these horses (with the exception of Dear Strawberry) have responded to the Holistic Health Care and Phytotherapy administered by Katharine and her team. Even if their lives were short, they were LOVED.

Dharma Horses- their stories:

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MAJIC - click here - Rest In Peace

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Baby/Lady - RIP


REST IN PEACE, Sweet Molly passed over in her sleep early January. She will be missed. She was in her 40's.

Meet Gita! She came to us in February, 2021 (starved and blind in one eye, cataract in the other). She was in Quarantine for 14 days, then we built her a large, safe pen with shelter that is now her forever home. She is starting to thrive: 3 weeks difference between photos.

UPDATE: Baby/Lady passed over - her heart gave out, her illnesses were overwhelming.

Equines Rescued, in Sanctuary

The Foundation Residents - The Current Beloveds

Bodhi came to us as a rescue through


Damaru was humanely euthanized when her pain became too great. We were all by her side.

GOOSE crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September, 2020. He had a kidney that was failing and could not be repaired. We could not make him suffer, we helped him pass with our wonderful Veterinarian and he is buried beside Ruby.

Sometimes, it is the last, best kindness. We were so honored to know and love him.

COVID UPDATE: We are Closed to the public

Ruby passed over in 2019.

Rest In Peace gentle soul.

Current Horses Rescued or in Sanctuary:

ABE has adopted out to a loving home


His owner passed over and he needed a soft place to land (he's almost 30!). He's very sweet and still quite perky!




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