100% of Donations go to the feeding. care & wellbeing of the horses.

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Corporation. All donations are tax deductible. 100% of each donation goes to the care, feeding and well being of the horses.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit licensed by the State of New Mexico

COVID UPDATE: We are Closed to the public

 Equine Sanctuary

Our founder & president:

Katharine  Lark Chrisley-Schreiber, NHC, RMT, Equine Specialist has degrees in Natural Health  Counseling, Veterinary Assistance and Reiki Mastership. She writes a column on horses for the "Health & Wellbeing"  section of the Las Cruces Bulletin newspaper. She is a contributing  author for Natural Horse Magazine.

Katharine studied under her  herbalist, midwife grandmother the ancient traditions of The Wisdom Way  and Native American healing. She was the director of a Zen Center and is  a life-long vegetarian.

Katharine has owned and operated 3  schools of classical horsemanship since 1973. She ran boarding  operations within them and based her horses' rations upon grass hays,  herbs and minerals. She passed her Rocky Mountain Horse Show Association  judges exams in 1976 and has written for equine publications (Western  Horseman, Horse & Rider, Dressage & CT, Horseman of the  Southwest, Horseplay, Animal Wellness, Natural Horse Magazine, The Whole  Horse Journal, Stable Gossip, Horse Illustrated, The Chronicle of the  Horse and The Horseman's Voice) since 1975. She taught courses on  horses, dogs and meditation for the DABCC of NMSU.

Through the  years, Katharine has received instruction from many masters including  Charles deKunffy, Peter Lert, Anne Gere, Brooks Busby, Shane Brasher,  Colonel Womack, Maj. Gen. Johnathan R. Burton, Mary Rose FBHS, Frazier  Gorel, Art and Aggie Popurt, J P Giacomini, Don Burt, Mrs. Cunliff, Lee  Bittel; and she was one of 20 riders selected to ride for a scholarship  at Morven Park IEI in Leesburg VA in the '70's.

She worked for an  outstanding equine Veterinarian in Roswell, NM and studied equine  Chiropractic techniques in Albuquerque, NM. Katharine is also an artist,  illustrating articles and books.


We use no chemical pesticides (herbicides or insecticides).
We work to conserve water.
We grow our gardens organically and feed simple, basic diets of whole foods to all of our residents.
We base our medicines upon Nature and Phytotherapy (healing with plants).
Our  fly control program releases fly predators monthly, feeds DE to horses  and uses essential oil repellents while having manure removed weekly.
We teach the use of herbs for health for horses.
We practice what we teach.

The  Dharmahorse Way is one of Non-Toxic Environments; Physically,  Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually. We refrain from Aggressive  Attitudes. We Communicate without Conflict. We Heal and Maintain Good  Health through Nature.

We use Reiki, Massage, Water  Therapy (always beside a tree to use water wisely!) and Acupoints. We  use Herbal and Homeopathic De-Wormers for our Animals. We believe in the  benefit of contact with the Earth through maintaining barefoot hooves  (but are flexible enough - Middle Way - to use any protection needed in  emergencies). We have taught our Non-Toxic principles through the local  University.

We study and respect multiple traditions; from Tibetan to Native American healing  techniques to Energy modalities. Ours is an Herbal Stable Yard based clearly upon a Simple, Local, Natural Foundation.

Phone: 575-541-0137

email: katharinechrisley@yahoo.com

Address: 6874 Coyote Road, Las Cruces, NM, USA, 88012

Katharine is featured in the documentary film "Listening to the Horse"

She has written for magazines from Dressage & CT to The Chronicle to New Mexico Magazine since 1976.

Dharmahorse Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) corporation, licensed by the NMLB, proving sanctuary for horses in need. We offer programs of connection with these horses. We focus upon education to help horses everywhere by supporting the owners and stewards of the horses. 

Love is the active promotion of the well being of the love object.