All of the horses in Sanctuary at Dharmahorse were unwanted - some simply could not be kept by loving owners whose lives had changed; some were on their way to slaughter... most have come here unsound, unhealthy or neglected, even starved.

All of these horses (with the exception of Dear Strawberry) have responded to the Holistic Health Care and Phytotherapy administered by Katharine and her team.

Dharma Horses - their stories:

PENNY (Rest in Peace) - click here

WALLY (Rest in Peace) - click here

MAJIC - click here

VEGA - click here

ANDY - click here

GRITS - (adopted) click here

DREAM CAT - click here

ABE - click here

SAGE - click here

STRAWBERRY - click here

HANK & others - click here

CLEMENTINE- click here

LUNA - click here

Equine Sanctuary

Although we are a Sanctuary and do not adopt out horses, Grits found a young woman to be his "soul mate" and we gave him to her and her mother - he has the best home ever and is deeply cherished; deeply happy. >>>>>>

Baby/Lady is a Paint mare, now a Dharma Horse, with lung and eye issues to support and heal as she joins our herd!

LUNA is our newest "rescue" - she was starved nearly to death twice in her short (3 year old) life!

Wally & Penny passed over in 2016. Their deaths were by euthanasia - to relieve them from suffering. Wally had an enterolith that blocked his intestines. Penny had torn apart the tendons in her front leg and after months of therapies, we could not ask her to endure more. They are buried at Dharmahorse.

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