We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit Corporation. All donations are tax deductible. 100% of each donation goes to the care, feeding and well being of the horses.

 Equine Sanctuary

There will be a "Memorial Garden" that is a gathering place for visitors and Volunteers -  it will have a curving wall of stone or straw bale (eventually!) and horses in the "paddock paradise" path that curves around the whole property can be seen, loved and fed from this area. There will be a part of the wall dedicated to memorial bricks that can be purchased (in memory of a beloved horse) and those moneys will go directly to the Hay Fund. There will be areas outside the P.P. for grooming and facilities to expand our Program for special needs people. The quarantine stable will be behind the house. There will be shelters and wind break walls in the P.P. also a deep sand "rolling" area, an area of stones for varied terrain and automatic drinking water tanks with barley bags and fish to keep the water clean and safe. An area is planned for an herb pasture and a community garden is in the "works".   

The Sanctuary has purchased property "a stone's throw" from Mark and Katharine's home where the Sanctuary has been located for 4 years! This has been funded by the generosity of donors and a Foundation that supports Animal Rescue and Outreach. We are truly blessed and beyond grateful! The new place is owned entirely by the Sanctuary. Everything there will live on, with its own sovereignty, for decades.

Mark and Katharine will stay at their home and stable yard. Some horses will need to be close to Katharine at all times - like Damaru with her severe special needs, etc. Most horses in Sanctuary will live on the "paddock paradise" we are building at the new place. This allows a herd state and the constant motion that keeps horses healthy and sound.

We already have a caretaker lined up to live in the house there - he is experienced in horse care and can help with some minor repairs to the buildings! We are gearing up fundraising for fence materials, water line supplies, shelter materials, etc. We just thought we were busy before!
There is an inground, proper swimming pool in disrepair inside the stone walls at the house. Our hope is to rehab it and create a Water Therapy Program for the horses with it.

There is also a nice big building with concrete floor for hay storage!

Fence building materials and the excitement of making the new facility a reality!

Expansion of the Dharmahorse Facilities

100% of Donations go to the feeding. care & wellbeing of the horses.