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"The whole idea of struggle brings you to a point of conflict; the antithesis of horsemanship" ~ Katharine

Dharmahorse started out as "Master Peace", a Dharma Center on the side of the Organ Mountains in the early 1990's. Katharine and her Mother, Rose, were partners in the Center; her brother, William was Roshi (spiritual teacher). An ordained Soto Zen lay priest, William taught at weekend sittings. Katharine taught meditation and led sitting practice 3 times a week with monthly sesshin at her tiny Zendo while also teaching Reiki, Holistic Animal Care and Classical Dressage.

In 1996, Master Peace was changed to Dharmahorse (sometimes Dharma Horse) as the equine energy of the company grew. Katharine Lark Chrisley was raised in Buddhist thought. While having studied Native American traditions and participating in Medicine Wheels and Sweat Lodges, the deep compassion toward animals she found in Buddhism became her deepest philosophy.

Katharine has degrees in Natural Health Counseling, Veterinary Assistance and Reiki Mastership. She grew up riding horses; first Hunt Seat, then Western, then Saddle Seat. At the age of 13 she fell through a window, almost severing her hand. Brilliant surgeons reattached the tendons, nerves and blood vessels and after a year of healing, her hand became useful to a degree. Katharine found Dressage and even learned to handle a full bridle's set of double reins. Her Boundary Halter was developed because of the frustration with her lack of strength in both hands. After too many times of having a colt spook and leave her grasp; or having to wrap a rope all around an unschooled horse's head to keep control, she knew there had to be a humane way to "hang on" for the horse's own safety.

Katharine has owned and operated 3 schools of classical horsemanship since 1973. She ran boarding operations within them and based her horses' rations upon grass hays, herbs and minerals. She passed her Rocky Mountain Horse Show Association judges exams in 1976 and has written for equine publications (Western Horseman, Horse & Rider, Dressage & CT, Horseman of the Southwest, Horseplay, Today's Horsetrader, Animal Wellness, Natural Horse Magazine, The Whole Horse Journal, Stable Gossip, Horse Illustrated, The Chronicle of the Horse and The Horseman's Voice) since 1975. She taught courses on horses, dogs and meditation for the DABCC of NMSU.

Through the years, Katharine has received instruction from many masters including Charles deKunffy, Peter Lert, Anne Gere, Brooks Busby, Shane Brasher, Colonel Womack, Maj. Gen. Johnathan R. Burton, Mary Rose FBHS, Frazier Gorel, Art and Aggie Popurt, Don Burt, Mrs. Cunliff, Lee Bittel; and she was one of 20 riders selected to ride for a scholarship at Morven Park IEI in Leesburg VA in the '70's.

She worked for an outstanding equine Veterinarian in Roswell, NM and studied equine Chiropractic techniques in Albuquerque, NM.

Fox Fire Stable, Katharine's first School in Northern New Mexico in the 1970's


Her School in Roswell, New Mexico in the late '70's


She taught Dressage in Boulder, Colorado through 1980 for several local farms.

Katharine's School in 1981 in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Briarwood Dressage


Working in Equine Assisted Therapies
2003 - 2006

Katharine designed this small building to quickly shelter her four horses while establishing the site for a Therapy Program in Las Cruces:

2007 was Katharine's time to work at an Equine Rescue in Arizona.
In 2008 she re-instituted Dharma Horse and returned home to New Mexico, "The Land of Enchantment"!